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Notion organiser in brief

Notionery: system that helps you do "routine" things like remembering, learning and expressing yourself, about your known things (subjects, themes, domains, people, whatever you have idea/notion of).

see the brisk description over at my site

what is it - core goals/concepts:

knowledge flow (with some mutual overlap):

the people are in the equation

Seems the hardest thing to do within the knowledge domain, is to get the stuff out of the people. Anything knowledge-related hits this wall. And (see Nonaka1994), expressing is the most unclear/unstudied mode of knowledge-making. Technical stuff - like translation, storage, inference, communication, interfaces..., is probably doable. or well, viable. But how to get explicit the stuff from the head...

It's same as in software-making - it's the people that are the trouble (and the fun).

Hypothese1. The effort required for capturing notions with the aim to store, translate and (re)use them, is too much work, too cumbersome and without sufficient sizeable and/or sufficiently clear benefits.
(thanks, Maarten)

well, that is a Fact. Lets live with it.

here some thoughts from some months ago, while working on this and related stuff (e.g. re-wiring my site):

Fighting dogmas

the several times i presented+explained the idea, i felt the sheer resistance of the common-rails thinking, at different stage/level for different people, but always some.

There's sooo much of the "culture" that has trained us to take for granted and not to think about things (=beliefs) that others have come to believe (without thinking for themselves).

have you noticed that most things around are biased or based on "There must be only one" Single Order of Everything... so i got questions like "all science (IT) so far is trying to unify the world, and you're trying to break it apart?"

Just see for yourself. These characteristics revert certain dogmas (turn one, rest follow like dominoe):

communication+entities diagram

Eventual architecture:

Software that may be related or usable

note, most things below are biased or based on "There must be only one" Single Order of Everything
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